6500 E. Reno Ave., Midwest City, OK 73110 (405) 732-0648

Growing Together

Growth - BoxesGod has not called us to simply attend worship services until Jesus returns. We are invited to join Christ today in transforming lives and making all things new. Just as a tree needs certain conditions to grow and bear fruit, we believe every follower of God can benefit from connecting to the body of Christ in various ways.

Community Life Groups

Life Groups - BoxesSmall groups comprised of members and attenders alike, building “community” together. The group is not a social club, a meditation group or a support group. Each group meets regularly for fellowship, study and prayer with the intent that all might... Connect, Grow & Serve.

Who We Are

Worship Silhouette - BoxesWe're a Free Methodist Church in Midwest City, OK. We gather regularly as broken people who are being made whole again...and for a purpose. We believe God is calling us to join His work in bringing healing to a world as broken as we are. Some great things have happened, and greater things are yet to come....& you're invited too!

6500 E. Reno Ave. Midwest City, OK 73110